"Without Sinking" - double vinyl with bonus tracks

Hildur's "Without Sinking" album is now available on double vinyl cut by Jason @ Transiton, in a Jon Wozencroft gatefold sleeve. This release contains 3 extra tracks in addition to the ten on the CD version of Without Sinking.

11. Baer was recorded in Berlin in 2009... Hildur plays Halldorophone and cello.

12. Heyr himna smiður is an Icelandic hymn.The lyrics are written in 1208 by Kolbeinn Tumason. Music written over 700 years later by Thorkell Sigurbjörnsson, arranged and recorded by Hildur Gudnadottir. Performed by Hildur Gudnadottir (vocals, piano) and Skuli Sverrisson (bass). Recorded in the Civitella Ranieri castle in Umbria, Italy.

13. Iridescence is co-mixed by BJNilsen, also featuring Skuli Sverrisson (bass) and Johann Johannsson (organ).

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