"McCello" a piece for solo cello on a platform on wheels and electronics (2002)

Composed and performed by Hildur Ingveldardóttir Gudnadóttir, the piece is written for cello and electronics.

There are four loudspeakers placed around the audience. The sounds playing from the loudpeakers are produced on the cello and then mixed in surround. The cellist that is playing live is also moving in surround, being pushed around the audience on a platform on wheels.
The piece starts out quietly with the cellist playing long notes. Toward the end of the piece it grows more intense and the cellist plays more rhythmical lines. In the very last minutes of the piece, the pusher of the platform leaves the cellist in the midst of the audience, where he plays repetative chords until the piece ends.

The piece is 10 minutes long.

Click here to hear a live recording of the piece, performed in the Winter of 2002.

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